Agramex added value


Trading in agricultural machinery might seem very simple: purchase plus margin, sales and transport. Not at Agramex

Agramex makes all the difference from the moment of purchase up to final delivery of your machine.

When you bought our machine, you will have excellent after sales.

 Our added value:

  • Always checked machines in stock
  • Attractive rates
  • Experienced agricultural mechanics provide inspection, maintenance, repair and possible overhauls.
  • Keen selection and production of our own parts which is better and /or less in cost than most manufacturer.
  • Agramex arranges the transportation from A to Z.
  • Lower cost of transport because we have fine contacts with the international transport sector and a smart, efficient way of transport.
  • Possibility of final assembly on site
  • Excellent after sales, after accuiring your machine, your are preferred client for life


Reliable trading partner

So finally you are doing business with a experienced and reliable trading partner. We combine knowledge of agricultural machinery, the agricultural sector and the harvest seasons with experience in international transport, import & export. 

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