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Our people

To buy a good used agricultural machine is not easy. Much depends on it : your harvest and your income. You need to be confident that the machine you really need, will be on time. Ready for the season. And from a reliable source. You want to know with whom you do business with . May we introduce ourselves?

Julian Boom

Julian began in 1996 as a buyer and seller of agricultural equipment for Beukeveld export . They are trading in tractors and Julian started for  them the business with Combine and Forage Harvesters. Julian was succesfull and started in 2000 Agramex as a separate company. As a buyer and owner, he travels extensively through Europe for the purchase of good used farm machinery. Julian knows by  his experience as a mechanic to select the right machines. 

He can be reached directly on +31 6 54 77 49 20 or by e-mail: info@agramex.com

Lukas Castricum

In 2017 Lukas joined our team as buyer and seller of Agricultural equipment for Agramex Export. He is specialized in Forage Harvesters, Combines, Telehandler and all related agricultural equipment. As a buyer, he travels all around Europe in search of good used Agricultural machinery.

He can be reached directly on +31 6 2393 2219 or by e-mail: lc@agramex.com 

Our staff 

Agramex export bv is located in Wieringerwerf. Here, our staff takes care of loading and unloading  of the machines. Through hiring experienced mechanics, if you require,  the machine can be delivered fieldready.